Tips for Radio Maintenance

Ensuring that your equipment is properly cared for and maintained should be a priority, not a chore. With these four tips for two-way radio maintenance, your communication will continue seamlessly for the estimated five to seven years that your radios are expected to last.

Radios: Communication you can depend on

We have talked several times about the dependibility of radio communications in the business world,and even why radios work over cell phones in a lot of cases,but here we would like to present you with another option, why not both? certainly having a backup radio communications as a backup is a good idea if you are not convinced, or are to fully committed to cell phones to switch.  Good practice is always to have a backup plan, and any business leader can tell you of a situation where they did not have one and wish they had. 

Introducing the All New Harris XL-200P

Are you looking for an all-in-one Radio that will do it all with exceptional quality? Introducing the all new Harris XL-200P. Have the choice of single-band, dual-band or full spectrum right at your fingertips. This radio was designed by Public Safety Professionals for Public Safety Professionals. See the video for more details on this state of art radio and say hello to the most advanced and rugged radio on the market. 


Check out this video on how radios are great for your business

Last week, I wrote an article about how cell phones are vastly infereior for facilitating the communication needs of a business, when compared with 2-way radios, this week, I will be expanding upon that with a video about the topic, check out this vidoe put together by Motorola to learn more! and remember we can assist you will all radio and communication needs for your business!

Radio Versus Cell Phones

Radio Versus Cell Phones:

Find out why more companies are using radios to grow their business.

In today's world, it may seem like communicating with employees or customers is simple, most people would assume it's as easy as picking up a cell phone and making a call.  However surveys done by Motorola in 2014 show that while 33% of manufactures do use cell phones, 31% (and growing) prefer radios. Why would radios be making a comeback as the communication device of choice in the industrial sector, when the cell phone industry is at its peak? Well there are several reasons ranging from durability to plain practicality, take a look at our list of reasons and you will see why radios are by far the better buy.