Radio Versus Cell Phones

Radio Versus Cell Phones:

Find out why more companies are using radios to grow their business.

In today's world, it may seem like communicating with employees or customers is simple, most people would assume it's as easy as picking up a cell phone and making a call.  However surveys done by Motorola in 2014 show that while 33% of manufactures do use cell phones, 31% (and growing) prefer radios. Why would radios be making a comeback as the communication device of choice in the industrial sector, when the cell phone industry is at its peak? Well there are several reasons ranging from durability to plain practicality, take a look at our list of reasons and you will see why radios are by far the better buy.


    It goes without saying that cell phones are easy to break, drop one a couple of feet on to even a soft surface and you can count on the screen being cracked at least, and in a work heavy environment this can lead to a lot of down time and expense while getting the device replaced.  Most radios are designed to withstand being dropped, which goes a long way in ensuring little to no downtime and seamless communication.

Longer Battery life:

    Battery life can be a huge factor in making sure that communication goes uninterrupted during crucial moments, cell phones rarely last more than 8-10 hours , and their batteries hold less charge over time. on the flip 2-way radios typically last 17 hours, more then enough time to cover a shift.


     There is little doubt that over the years cell phone reception has improved drastically, but in many cases it simply falls short of the mark needed in an industry where constant communication is key, emergency outages are all too common still, especially in areas that are prone to storms or severe weather.  2-way radios excel at making sure communication continues in even the worst weather conditions or storms, making it easy to ensure business continuation in emergency events.


    Its easy to see why this one is on the list, cell phones these days are needlessly complex and become more so almost monthly, requiring constant updates, which can often require a user to have to learn a whole new system when all they need to do  is make calls.  Not to mention them extra time involved in the process of calling multiple people to get a message across (which almost always results in miscommunication), and the fact that modern phones have countless apps running  which means more points of failure at any given time.  With a 2 way radio, communication is a simple process, where you can speak with multiple people at once making sure your important messages are understood with crystal clarity.

   So if you are in the process of selecting which method of communication would be right for your business, the obvious choice is radios. Cell phones are great for personal use and even specific commercial settings, but when it comes to a reliable, simple and consistent method, they simply fall short of the utility of a simple radio.