5 Tips to increase radio battery life

We often talk about average battery life for our radios and products, but having the knoweledge to extend the battery life can definitly be useful, so here are some handy tips to extend the duration of your 2-way radio battery life

1. Brevity is the soul of wit (and battery life)- This one is obvious, don't spend extra time over explaining things, stick to the point and limit your communication to the neccessities and those minutes you save will add up

2. Disable features you dont use - Most devices will have something you dont need, like GPS or similar functions, if your business does not use these functions disable them to get the most use out of your radio.

3. Use a conditioning charger- All batteries for any device, will over time, stop charging to full capacity, you have probably seen this with a phone or laptop before.  the solution can be simple, just use a conditioning charge, wich will try to negate the "memory effect" of batteries ensuring they charge to full capacity with every charge.

4. Only charge batteries when needed- A common way battery life is reduced is through the classic mistake of charging it "just in case", this can, as mentioned in the previous tip, deplete the battery over time and while  a conditioning charger may offset this, there is not way to permanently stop it from happening unless you only charge when neccessary.

5. Replace the old- No matter what steps you follow all, nothing lasts forever, and eventually a battery will degrade.  The best practice is to ensure that you replace your batteries every 1.5 years or so

Following these steps will ensure that you never have any issues with batteries lasting full shifts or being available during emergency situations.