Tips for Radio Maintenance

Ensuring that your equipment is properly cared for and maintained should be a priority, not a chore. With these four tips for two-way radio maintenance, your communication will continue seamlessly for the estimated five to seven years that your radios are expected to last.

  1. Storage: The ideal environment for storage of your equipment involves a dry and cool space with limited exposure to extreme weather conditions, such as excessive heat or cold, and the various elements of sunlight and water. An easy way to think about it is considering what would make a room comfortable for you to sleep in for seven hours and placing your radios in a similar storage space.

  1. Cleaning: The most effective way to clean your radios also happens to be the easiest way as well. Intensive cleaning and strong chemicals aren’t necessary. The only supplies that you will need is a microfiber cloth and a little water. The microfiber cloth soft texture will wipe away dirt and smudges without damaging the unit. For more stubborn stains and marks, use a damp cloth and wipe until your radios are clean.

  1. Daily Use: As tempting as it may be, don’t hold or grab your radios by the antenna. The consistent practice of using your antenna as a handle will eventually affect transmission and reception. Additionally, avoid drops and spills to maximize the long-term functionality of your equipment. Protecting the exterior helps protect the interior, minimizing repairs and replacing the equipment more than you actually need to.

  1. Charging: Making sure that you have the right battery is half of the battle. Only use batteries and charger that are compatible with your device. Once you’ve identified accessories designed and specified for your unit, keep them dry and only charge as needed. Overcharging your batteries can lead to replacing them multiple times due to shorten life spans.

Share these simple tips with all individuals that may use or operate the equipment or accessories to guarantee that yours last as long as possible. In the case that you have to replace your two-way radios in the near future, be sure to implement this advice to protect your new purchase. While no radio will last forever, these simple practices can extend the life expectancy of your two-way radios.